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What is Call Barring? How to Activate Call Barring?



The number of smartphone consumers in India is increasing day by day. And every day millions of mobiles are sold in India. From this, you can guess that the smartphone has now become a part of people’s lives. If a person’s smartphone switches off, then he gets very upset.  Because nowadays all the people addicted to smartphones and they spent all the time of the day on mobile.

People are now being entertained by smartphones. But do you know, apart from YouTube and the Internet, there is a tremendous feature on all our smartphones, called Call Barring?

Friends, if you do not know much about the Call Barring feature inside the mobile, in this article today we will explain what is Call Barring, Call Barring meaning and how to activate Call Barring.

What is Call Barring?

What is Call Barring

If you want to stop outgoing calls from your mobile, such as if someone wants to make a call from your smartphone to another mobile, it can be prevented beforehand with the help of Call Barring. This means that one cannot make national or international calls on someone else’s phone from your phone.

Apart from this, there is another special feature in Call Barring, which after activating, no one can call on your mobile. Meaning you can also block incoming calls and if someone tries to call you, it will be blocked automatically. So this is the true meaning of Call Barring.

How to Activate Call Barring: Step-by-Step Guide

After activating the Call Barring feature on your smartphone, all incoming calls on your phone will be blocked. Apart from this, you will also not be able to make outgoing calls.  For this reason, follow this process carefully.

Open the Phone App

Open the Phone App

First of all, you have to open the Phone app on your Android smartphone or on any different smartphone, which by default is installed on your smartphone.

Go to Phone App Settings

Go to Phone App Settings

After opening the phone app, you have to directly click on the option of the above settings.

Click on Carrier Call Settings

Click on Carrier Call Settings

After that you will see the Carrier Call Setting button below, you will have to click on it.

Click on Call Barring

Click on Call Barring

If your smartphone is Android, then you will see the Call Barring button on the fourth number, click on it.

Activate Call Barring Feature

Activate Call Barring Feature

After this, you will get options to block or unblock outgoing calls, incoming calls, and other calls. You can use Call Barring by turning on the option you want. But for this, it will ask for the code, which is the Barring Default Code, which you will have to insert and click on ok.

If you do not know much about the barring default code of your smartphone, then I want to tell you that the Call Barring default code will be your mobile default code. So, friends, this was the best way to use the feature of Call Barring.

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