The world has now turned towards social media, due to which people spend half of the day on social media. Let us tell you that according to a statistic, 1 out of 3 has an account on social media, this can give you an idea of ​​how interested people are in social media and most people live on Facebook.

Because of this, if you too are on Facebook and want to increase likes, then in today’s article we have prepared a great post for you, in which we will answer the question of how to increase Facebook likes in a very easy way.

How to Increase Facebook Likes

We want to tell you that there are many benefits of increasing likes on Facebook, just as you can make a good impression among your friends, besides, the biggest benefit of increasing likes on Facebook is popularity.


How to Increase Facebook Likes (2021)

1. Post good images and videos

According to a survey, it has been proved that whenever people post good quality images and videos as compared to text or low-quality images, they are more likely to get engagements, due to which it is natural to get likes, shares, and more comments.

Because of this, if you ever want to increase likes and popularity quickly, then post images and videos of good quality.

2. Tag more people

The easiest and guaranteed way to increase likes on Facebook is to tag people. Because whenever we share a post on Facebook, that post reaches the least number of people.

But if we tag popular people in our friend circle using the tag option or tag at least 50 people, then our post will start appearing on the timeline of all their profiles, due to which the likes in that post It is most likely to increase.

3. Keep Stylish Bio

Updating the profile bio on Facebook is also very important to get likes, and stylishly updating the bio makes your post more likely to get more than 30% likes.

This has been proved by recent research. I try to explain to you about my friend’s example.

Friend’s Profile: Raghavendra Anvekar

Bio: “Live life like it’s your last day, only then you will succeed”

So how was it? Isn’t my friend’s profile just awesome? Write a bio in Hindi or English or any language so that people will impress.

4. Join SR Family

Recently a new trick has come in front of people, with the help of which people get thousands of likes on their photo immediately and the name of that trick is SR family.

Let us tell you that by joining the SR family, people get their posts from 1000 likes to 1 lakh likes in a short time and this is 100% true.

Apart from this, in the SR family, you also have to like the posts of others. Such a famous person has a lot of followers, due to which whenever we post any photo or video, tagging it, our post on his timeline gets lots of likes.

5. Post Regular

In research, it has been seen that posting two or three times a day is better than if we keep posting weekly, then our account gets more importance on Facebook.

In return, Facebook makes every post you reach more people than others. Because of this, you are more likely to get likes on Facebook.

Because of this, if you post great quality photos or videos every day, then it will be good, and remember that you will get good results in the afternoon and evening.

Best App to Get Likes on Facebook

Increasing likes with the help of another app on Facebook is illegal to work, due to which we do not support it, but for general knowledge, we are going to tell you how to increase likes with the help of the app on Facebook.

1. Download and install the app

First of all open the Google Chrome browser, search the DJ Liker application and download it and install it on your phone.

2. Open app and login

Open the app and after that on the next screen, you will get the option to log in with your Facebook account, where you will have to log in by entering your Facebook account information.

3. Select posts to increase likes

After logging in from the app, you have to select any post above which you want to increase and select the number of likes you want to increase, such as 100, 500, or 1000 likes.

4. Click on get free likes

After selecting the option of Likes, you will see the button of getting Free likes in front of you, after clicking on it, within a period, a lot of accounts will automatically start appearing on top of your post.

Note: When you are done, meaning when you increase likes, then immediately log out from your Facebook account inside this app and change the password by going to the Facebook app. Because developers of apps that increase likes on Facebook can also do wrong things with your Facebook account.

Hope this article helps you in increasing likes on your Facebook.

If you need some more information about this article, then definitely leave your question in the comment box. We will try to help you.

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