If you also want to increase followers on Twitter, then this article is for you. Because in this article we are going to get information about how to increase free Twitter followers.

Whenever we talk about social media, people mostly know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. But let us tell you that the biggest platform used by most of these celebrities is Twitter. Because on Twitter itself, politicians, Bollywood stars, and cricketers are mostly active.

How to Increase Free Twitter Followers

Crores of people of the world have created their accounts on Twitter and if you have already created an account on Twitter, then in this article, we are going to tell you the easiest and working tricks to increase followers on Twitter in 10 ways, With which you can increase your followers in thousands in less time.


How to Increase Free Twitter Followers

1. Create an Attractive Profile

The most important thing before increasing followers on Twitter is to maintain an attractive profile on Twitter. For this, by creating an account on Twitter, you have to keep your beautiful profile picture, header picture, and bio updated.

Apart from this, you can also update your location and website information. If you have met a big celebrity and have a photo taken with him, then it is more likely to increase followers.

2. Post Regular

It is better to work with regular disciplines. If you tweet at least 5 tweets every day on Twitter, Twitter’s algorithm will automatically give importance to your account, which will increase the chances of getting more likes, retweets, and comments for each of your tweets.

Tweet More

Apart from this, if you remain more active on Twitter and tweet more at night than day, then it is likely to get more followers.

3. Use the trending hashtag

You must have heard the name of the hashtag before this. If you do not know about the hashtag, then we want to tell you that the hashtag is a keyword, which is of any trending topic. For example, if the match between India and Pakistan is going on today, the #IndvsPak hashtag trend will be on Twitter.

When you tweet your tweet on a subject related to it with the help of this hashtag, your tweet is likely to reach more people on that day than on a normal day and this will surely increase followers on your account.

4. Insert images and videos

This method is most wonderful and has proved it in recent research and I have tried it.

Twitter Servey Report

Let me tell you that by putting good images and videos on Twitter every day, you can easily increase thousands of followers on Twitter in a short time.

Tweet Images

For this, you have to create an image on some trending topic, otherwise, you will have to make a video and post it.

Tweet Videos

If you tweet the image and video compared to the text, the chances of getting it as it increases by 80%.

5. Use Keywords in Bio

If you use Twitter, then you must have noticed that whenever we search the trending topic on someone on the Twitter search box, in addition to the top tweets, many profiles also appear in front of us.

Put keywords in Bio

Because if we update the trending keywords hashtag by putting it in the bio, Twitter will automatically show your account when people search for that hashtag. Do not underestimate this, because even more people have increased their followers by this.

6. Follow people

From the very first day on Twitter, the easiest and guaranteed way to garner followers is to follow every other person. But because of too much spam, Twitter has now implemented a new rule, in which now you can follow only 400 people in a day.

Follow People

And according to this, if you follow 400 people in 1 day, then almost 100 of them will follow you, then in 1 month, you can easily make 3000 followers in this way.

7. Tag people

Like Facebook and Instagram, now on Twitter too you can tag people on your tweet and you can tag only 7 people.

If you want to post a tweet on any topic or any person, then definitely tag that person. Related to this and tag 6 people, after which there will be plenty of likes and retweets on that tweet.

8. Tweet on only one niche

Tweeting on the same topic means if you are interested in politics, tweet about politics or if you are interested in cricket, just cricket related only tweet the photos or videos in your account.

With this, Twitter will give you more importance, due to which your account will start increasing more followers in less time and this has also been proved by recent research.

9. Like and Retweet

People like Narendra Modi, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, and Pranitha Subhash have lots of followers on Twitter. If you like and retweet these people’s tweets, then you will also get likes and retweets.

Apart from this, Twitter will also feel that you are more active on Twitter. Similarly, while retweeting a tweet, you can also tweet your comment, which will increase engagement.

10. Tweet in the comment box

This method is the most unique and new, tweeting in the comment box increases the chances of appearing 3 times more like and retweet.

Comment Box Tweets

To increase followers on Twitter in this way, you have to find the latest tweet of any famous person and after tweeting a beautiful photo or video in the comment box below it, there will more like and retweets on your tweet.

Similarly, people will also start looking at your profile, so people will follow you.

Friends, I hope you have liked this article, 10 useful ways to increase followers on Twitter, which are not illegal ways, meaning there are many other ways on the internet, through which you can increase followers on Twitter illegally, but we are strongly against it.

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