In 2020, India imported a total of $ 367 billion of tomatoes from abroad. From this, you can guess how much benefit you can get if you cultivate tomatoes in India on a large scale. For this reason, inside this article, we are going to provide information about tomato farming in India.

For example, how much money is required in the beginning to do Tomato farming, how should the land and soil be and we are going to talk about other information like temperature. Generally, most people cultivate tomatoes in cold climates. But cultivating tomatoes in hot climates is extremely profitable.


Tomato Farming: Best Tomato Cultivation Technique

In a very small amount, any common man can start tomato farming in India and for anyone who has his land, it is easy for him. Because to cultivate tomatoes, firstly a big land is required. Apart from this, the temperature of the air around it is also very important.

Tomato Farming in India

Before cultivating tomatoes, it is very important to find out about the selection of land for its crop, improved varieties of tomatoes, sowing of tomatoes and fertilizers for the crop, weed control and insecticides for tomato farming, etc.

Tomato Varieties

Tomato has many varieties, such as Arka Vikas, Avinash 2, BSS 90, Arka Saurabh, ARTH, ART H4, ART H3, HS 101, HS 110, HS  102, Pant Bahar, Pusa Divya, Pusa Gaurav, Pusa Sankar 1, Pusa Sankar 2, Pusa Sankar 4, Pusa Ruby, Pusa Sheetal, Rupali, Roma, Ratna, Rashmi, Rajni, Pusa Gifts, Pusa 120, Naveen, NA 601, Hisar Lalit, Krishna, Hisar Lalima, Hisar Arun and Hisar Anmol.

Selection of Land For Tomato Cultivation

The best soil for tomato cultivation is sandy loam, also known as sandy loam soil. Because there is a lot of organic matter inside this soil, which is very beneficial for tomato crop.

Likewise, smooth black cottonseed soil and red soil are also good for its crop. The black soil in Karnataka and red soil in the Konkan region are found in plenty.

Tomato Sowing

It is said that sowing should be done in June-July for the rainy season and in January-February for the winter season. Generally, three crops are taken in South India, which are June-July, October-November, and January-February. Similarly, two crops are taken in northern India.

Use of Fertilizer

For the cultivation of tomatoes, 60 kg of Sphur and 60 kg of Potash is required per hectare. In the same way, about 100 kg of nitrogen is also necessary for the high yield of tomato crops.

But remember that it takes almost twice as much for hybrids. You can also use ammonium sulfate with nitrogen at the time of transplanting or urea is also a good option.

Weed Control

You must have often seen that a lot of weed grows around when cultivating any vegetable, which can cause great damage to any crop. For this reason, while cultivating tomatoes, it is very important to clean them well.


You must have seen the news of the destruction of farmers’ farms due to pests. It also causes the loss of millions, due to which it is very important to use pesticides from time to time. 

Because of this, 1 kg of fluorochlorin and half a kilo of meritenzin, and 2 kg of allychlorares required peare r hectare.

It is not so easy to do any kind of farming. Similarly, a lot of work has to be done for tomato farming. For example, at the time of flowering in tomato crop, it is very important to give support to those plants with soil.

The Jyoti tomato crop is long growing plant. In particular, it is very important to give support to them. By giving support to them, the tomato crop does not come in contact with soil and water, due to which the risk of climbing is removed.

Let me tell you that if you first start tomato farming in India on a small scale, then you will get all the information about its cost, profit, and work automatically and next time you do tomato farming on a large scale, then you will also start earning a lot of profits. Because of this, tomato farming is no less than any gold-giving hen in today’s time.

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Is tomato farming profitable in India?

If you cultivate tomatoes on 1 acre of land, then you can earn about ₹ 1,50,000, but if you remove the money spent from it, then the profit decreases slightly.

What is the best time to grow tomatoes in India?

People in India usually cultivate tomatoes between March and June.  But cultivating tomatoes in January or February is considered most profitable.

How long does Tomatoes take to mature?

After starting its cultivation, it takes about 50 to 60 days for a tomato to mature. Within the first three weeks, you can see the flowers of the plant.

How many tomatoes will one plant produce?

Generally, about 30 to 80 tomatoes can grow comfortably from one tomato plant. And at most all are 30 pounds of tomatoes. But it also depends on the type of tomato you have.

Which country produces most tomatoes?

According to a report, in 2016 China produced 50 million tonnes of tomatoes. It is followed by India at number two and America at number three.


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