Information about Porcupine: Here we are going to provide you with information about the famous porcupine animal. You must have seen a porcupine animal once in the forest or the village etc. Sometimes you might have seen the porcupine animal crosses the road while driving. Many times people unknowingly go away after killing this innocent animal.

23 Interesting Facts About Porcupine Animal

23 Fun Facts About Porcupine You Should Know
  1. Porcupine animal hair is thick, strong and sharp and helps them to escape from enemies, these hairs are also called thorns.
  2. During the day the porcupine animal stays in its home. But at night, the Porcupine comes out to eat vegetables, plants and crops.
  3. The sound of a porcupine animal is equal to the sound of a boar-like ‘Ghurr-Ghurr’.
  4. Porcupine animal is also known by the name Saahi in India. And in English, it is called Indian Crested Porcupine.
  5. The scientific name of the porcupine animal is Hystrix Indica and it belongs to the Hystricidae family.
  6. Let us tell you that there are more than 30000 thorns on its body and sometimes new thorns grow in place of old thorns.
  7. Porcupine animal never attacks others, when it senses danger, it tries to kill the enemy with their thorns and sometimes the enemy is killed.
  8. It is said that the porcupine animal can live for about 18 years. But its average lifespan is said to be 7 years.
  9. In countries like Turkistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, the number of porcupine animals is very high. 
  10. Apart from this, it also lives in mountainous areas like the Himalayas Mountains.
  11. Leaves, flowers, bark, fruits, wood are the main food of porcupine and it gets their food only from trees.
  12. It can live in cold areas with great ease because the external temperature does not affect its internal temperature.
  13. More than 24 species of porcupine animals are found around the world.
  14. Porcupine is a mammalian organism, which is why it feeds with milk.
  15. Usually, the female gives birth to one child at a time. But sometimes the porcupine animal of some species gives birth to more than 1 child.
  16. After the baby is born, the thorns of the baby are soft and they stay with their mother for 1st 4 months.
  17. Like rabbits, rats and squirrels, porcupines eat their food by munching on them.
  18. Porcupines are naturally timid and always hide in burrows and come out only at night.
  19. Some species of porcupines weigh from 2 to 4 kg. But usually, the bodyweight of porcupine varies from 25 to 35 kg.
  20. Porcupine has a gestation period of up to 210 days.
  21. It is a vegetarian animal.
  22. The length of the porcupine animal can be 63 to 91 cm and the length of its tail can be 14 to 30 cm.
  23. Porcupine animals can survive at altitudes up to 2400 meters on the Himalayan mountains.

Often the porcupine animal is seen in my village at night in the forest or while crossing the road. And this animal is very innocent and does not harm other living beings. But if another animal tries to kill it, it uses its thorns to defend itself.

Many people believe that if the thorn of a porcupine animal is kept in the house, then happiness rains in the house. But if you want to keep its thorns in the house, then you will find the thorns lying near its home. But never try to remove thorns from its body by killing it, it is a crime and also a sin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can porcupines live?

American porcupines can live up to 18 years.

What are fun facts about porcupines?

Porcupine Quills Have Antibiotic Properties and they’re Good Swimmers.

Can porcupines swim?

As we have told you above that the porcupine animal is an excellent swimmer.

Where does a porcupine sleep?

Porcupine usually sleeps in hollow trees and logs, underground burrows etc.

How fast can porcupines run?

The porcupines are slow animals moving at an average speed of 9 KM per hour.

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