Information About Parrot: A few years ago there was a pet parrot in my aunt’s house also, whose name was Mithu, but he was killed due to an accident. He used to talk to people, he was a very smart and lovely parrot. In today’s article, we are going to tell you informational, interesting and fun facts about parrots. 

Information about Parrot

The scientific name of the parrot is Psittaciformes. Parrots are usually a variety of colours and can imitate anyone. But the most famous parrot is the green one, which is commonly seen in the villages in India.

Information about Parrot

  1. The parrot is the only bird that eats its food by grabbing it with its claws and then plucking it with its beak.
  2. The beak of a parrot is made up of a protein called keratin, due to which if a parrot’s beak breaks, then it heals itself later.
  3. The parrot also learns to recognize colours and shapes.
  4. Parrot is almost as intelligent as a 5-year-old child.
  5. The parrot commonly found in India is green in colour. But there are many species of parrots, such as blue, white, yellow and there are also colourful parrots.
  6. A parrot named Cookie died in the year 2016. It is said that then his age was 83 yrs. He was the longest living parrot.
  7. Parrots are both carnivorous or herbivorous. Most of the time, parrots eat fruits, flowers, small insects and seeds.
  8. Never feed chocolate to your parrot. It is like poison for them.
  9. The 10-gram parrot is the smallest and lightest in the world, whose name is Pygmy.
  10. Kakapo parrot is the heaviest parrot in the world and its average weight is also equal to 4 kg.
  11. There are also some species of parrot, which imitate the voice of humans and learn quickly.
  12. Memorizing 1728 words, a parrot named Puck has entered the Guinness Book of World Records.
  13. There are more than 400 species of parrots in the world.
  14. Naturally, anti-bacterial elements are found in parrot feathers.
  15. Do you know, it is illegal to keep parrots in cages in India. Doing so can result in heavy punishment.
  16. The Australian Night Parrot is considered the most mysterious and elusive parrot and so far only 3 people have been confirmed to have seen it.
  17. The Kakapo species of parrot is slowly disappearing. In 2018 their number was reduced to only 149.
  18. The parrot of the Kakapo species cannot fly, because its weight is very heavy.
  19. It is said that if you teach your parrot to speak and then leave it in the wild, that parrot can teach other wild parrots to speak as well.
  20. Parrots love music and parrots can feel and understand music.
  21. Parrots like to live in holes in trees, cavities of rocks or in underground tunnels and most of their nests are there.
  22. Parrots always like to be in herds.
  23. There is also a species of parrots, in which the parrot is male or female, it is detected only after a blood test.
  24. Parrot chicks are blind for the first two weeks and develop feathers after three weeks.
  25. Usually, a parrot can lay 2 to 8 eggs, which need to be incubated for about 25 days and this work is done by both the parents.
  26. The surprising thing is that scientists have found 23 million years old fossils of parrots, whose bone structure is similar to that of present-day parrots.
  27. Parrots sleep standing on their feet.
  28. The name of the parrot that breaks even the hard coconut is Hyacinth, whose beak is very strong.
  29. Sometimes a red circle appears in the neck of some parrots, those parrots are called thorn parrots.
  30. Parrots can be seen in the continents of Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Australia and is mostly found in warm areas.

Bringing a parrot into the house and keeping it in a cage is a big sin. But before that, you are ruining the life of a beautiful looking creature.  God has given him wings to fly, not to sit in a cage and eat. If anyone around your house keeps a parrot in a cage, then somehow try to convince those people to get him out of the cage and help that parrot, God will make you a big person.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is special about parrots?

The parrot is very beautiful, colorful in appearance and at the same time parrot is a very smart bird, which has a very long life.

What is the other information of parrot?

Most parrots are found in tropical and subtropical regions like South America and Australasia. There are more than 400 species of parrots found all over the world.

What is parrot food?

Parrots eat fruits, flowers, small insects and seeds etc.

What is the uses of parrot?

The parrot is also very helpful for the environment, because all the seeds that the parrot eats are not digested, some pass out of their stomach and spread in the forest.

How many types of parrots are there in India?

It is said that a total of 12 types of parrots are found in India.

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