After the ban on PUBG in India, a lot of people are looking for an alternative to a game like PUBG. But not many people are aware of the best option of PUBG Alternatives yet.

PUBG Alternatives

As you all will know, the Government of India has banned many Chinese apps including PUBG under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Because of which a lot of Indian people playing PUBG are facing disappointment. Because it was one of the very popular action game.

It is being said that more than three crore people in India were active players of PUBG. From this, you can get an idea of ​​what a great game PUBG was. But friends, you do not need to be disappointed.

Because in this article today, we are going to provide you with the list of the 5 best PUBG Alternatives with download links, with which you can immediately download and enjoy a game like PUBG on your smartphone.

5 Best PUBG Alternative Games 2020

1. FAU-G

Friends, you will be happy to know that ever since the Indian government has banned Chinese apps like PUBG, a lot of apps have been launched in India, which are Made in India. One of these lists is FAU-G, which has been made by Indian developers.


The special thing is that the FAU-G game the same to the same will now be like PUBG. But 20% of its earnings will be donated to the BharatKeVeer Charity of India and the game has been launched by Akshay Kumar in India, which will be available for download in a few days.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most popular Android games and it is launched in India many years ago. Like PUBG, many people are crazy about this game, let us tell you that this game can be played on your computer as well as Android Mobile.

Call of Duty

Multiplayer maps and modes are available inside the Call of Duty game. CALL OF DUTY offers great features like 100 player Battle Royale battleground, Fast 5v5 team deathmatch, Sniper vs sniper battle, Activision’s free-to-play

3. Last Day on Earth: Survival

A lot of people also say that after PUBG and Call of Duty game, the Last Day on Earth game is a fantastic game they played. As the name of this game, you may have come to know that it has surviving Ultimate Goal. Talking about this game, it is set above a future story of the 2027 year.

Last Day on Earth

In which a lot of people become zombies due to an infection and some people fight to escape those zombies within this game. Talking about the statistics of this game, more than 5 crore people have installed this game and 40 lakh reviews have been written.

4. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Garena Free Fire is also one of the best and best PUBG alternatives, which you can download from your Android mobile at home and enjoy a game like PUBG. Talking about the Garena Free Fire game, so far more than 50 crores people have downloaded this game from Google Play Store and about 60 million people have written reviews about it.

Garena Free Fire

Talking about this game, it is almost like PUBG. From which you can install by clicking the given download link.

5. Battle Teams: FPS Battle is On

If you are looking for the same game like PUBG, Battle Teams: FPS Battle is On is one of the very different Battle Royal games from PUBG. There will be all the dangerous enemies inside this game, which you have to kill by strategic, tactics.

Battle Teams

Apart from this, there are many more features of this game. But to download this game, 1 GB of space should be on your mobile. Apart from this, the game has got a rating of 3.9 on Google Play Store.


In the coming time, many such games will be launched in India, which will be purely made in India. Due to which the Indian economy is also going to benefit greatly.

Apart from this, all the PUBG Alternatives given in this article are excellent, which many people are playing in India. Apart from this, we are also waiting for the FAU-G game. According to reports, the FAU-G game could be launched for download in India next month.

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