Hello guys, have you ever played helicopter wala games on your smartphone? So far if you have not played helicopter games, then you will not know much about these games because nowadays helicopter games have become very popular. Because of which now many game developing companies are launching helicopters games.

Helicopter Wala Games

As you all will know that now a lot of people like to play one good game on their smartphone instead of playing cricket and other games outside the house. Like a few months ago, Pubg and Mini Militia game became very popular. Because of which a lot of people installed these games from Google Play Store.

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Similarly, now many helicopters games have also been released and by playing them you will become crazy about them too. Because of this, today I am going to show you a tremendous list of five different types of helicopter wala games.

Top 5 Helicopter Wala Games (2020)

1. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D


I first installed the GUNSHIP BATTLE game on my smartphone in 2017. And since then, It is present on my smartphone. Friends, you will be surprised to know but I want to tell you that I still do not feel boring after playing this game for the last 2 years.

Because it is the most exciting and popular helicopter wala game ever. Friends, it is full of 3D graphics. Because of which your experience is going to increase while playing this game. And so far more than 10 crore people have installed this great game.

2. Helicopter Games Simulator: Indian Air Force Game

Helicopter Games Simulator: Indian Air Force Game

The specialty of Helicopter Games Simulator game is that inside this game, apart from the helicopter, you can also fight with Tanks against all terrorists. A lot of exciting missions are also available inside this game and like the previous game, you will find different helicopters here.

You can eliminate all dangerous terrorists with the help of airstrike. You must have heard the name of Air Strike in India many times and to get the experience on its smartphone, immediately click this download link and download this fantastic helicopter game now.

3. Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D

Gunship Strike 3D game itself must have been known that it is a completely 3D game.  Because of this, you are going to have a lot of fun while playing this game. Let us tell you that inside this game you have to kill many dangerous terrorists with the help of a helicopter.

Apart from this, there are more than 40 dangerous and exciting missions inside this game, which is going to be a great experience for you. Talking about the figures of this game in the Google Play Store, so far more than 10 crore people have installed this game on their smartphones.

4. Helicopter Rescue Simulator

Helicopter Rescue Simulator

Within the Helicopter Rescue Simulator game, you are going to have to fly not one but many helicopters. Let me tell you that you are going to get the experience of a military helicopter. Apart from this, more than 50 lakh people have installed this game.

Like the rest of the game, this game also has a lot of exciting missions, which you have to complete. But it is not as easy to complete all the missions. But when you start playing this game, then you will like this game very much while playing.

5. City Helicopter

City Helicopter

City Helicopter game has been installed from Google Play Store more than 10 million people so far. Let me tell you that about 67,000 people have written their reviews.  Friends, I want to tell you that I have played and installed the above mentioned superb helicopter wala games. But I have not played this game yet.

Because of this, I have no experience of playing this game. But I have seen some screenshots of this game on Google Play store and looking at it, I can say it is one of the most wonderful helicopter games right now. If you want to download this game, click the download link given above and install it on your smartphone.


According to the latest figures of 2020, GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D this helicopter wala game has been downloaded by people more than 100 million times from Google Play Store. From this, you can guess how popular and wonderful this game will be.

Apart from this, Helicopter Games Simulator: Indian Air Force Game is also one of the very best helicopter games. This game is for 100% patriots. Because in this you will get to enjoy the Indian Air Force helicopters. Because of this, you should download this game immediately.

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