Virat Kohli Quotes in English: Virat Kohli was born on 5 November 1988. Currently, Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian cricket team in all three formats. Virat Kohli has achieved many achievements in his life at a very young age. In 2008, Virat Kohli became the captain of the Indian Under-19 cricket team and made history by winning the Under-19 World Cup in Malaysia.

30 Virat Kohli Quotes That'll Change Your Life

Since 2008, he has made many records to his name. Virat Kohli lost his father at a young age. He then began to work harder to build a cricket career and become the best player. Now Virat Kohli has become the best batsman in the world. Virat Kohli won the Man of the Tournament title in the 2014 and 2016 T20 World Cups. Apart from this, in 2017 and 2018, the ICC gave Virat Kohli the title of ICC Cricketer of the Year, which is the best cricket title.

Similarly, Virat Kohli has received the Wisdon Player of the Year award in 2012, 2017, and 2018. In 2018, Virat Kohli has received the ICC Test Player of the Year and in 2016, 2017, and 2018, Virat Kohli has also won the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World.  On behalf of the Government of India, he was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2013, the Padma Shri Award in 2017, and the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, which is the highest honor in sports.  ESPN awarded Kohli the title of World’s Most Famous Athlete in 2018 and Virat Kohli was named Most Valuable Athlete Brand in the Forbes list.

Times magazine included him in the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World, and in the 2020 Forbes list, Virat Kohli captured 66th place in the list of Top 100 Highest-Paid Athletes in the World. Apart from this, Virat Kohli has done a lot of feats in the cricket world, so in today’s article, we are going to provide a list of 30 Virat Kohli Quotes, which will definitely change your life.

30 Virat Kohli Quotes in English

1. You can always earn success with confidence and hard work.

1. Virat Kohli Quotes

2. The people you like to be with all bring change in your life.

2. Virat Kohli Quotes

3. No cricket team in the world could depend on one or two players. Teams always play to win.

3. Virat Kohli Quotes

4. I really feel very blessed when people compare me with Sachin. But I keep all my attention on my performance and do not pay attention to such comparisons. I really adore them, so I don’t see this comparison. No cricketer is capable of scoring 100 centuries like Sachin.

4. Virat Kohli Quotes

5. When I saw myself in the mirror during the IPL 2012, I was embarrassed to see my belly and since then I have focused on becoming the best of all.

5. Virat Kohli Quotes

6. I arrived late at my father’s funeral because of cricket.

6. Virat Kohli Quotes

7. Sachin Tendulkar is my superhero always in cricket and he will always be my hero. Also, my inspiration outside of cricket is my mother. My mother has supported me in every difficult situation, she has given me strength, she has always maintained her patience and supported me in difficult times.

7. Virat Kohli Quotes

8. Whatever you want to do, work hard with full passion in the right direction.  Don’t look anywhere else, it can be anything distracting. But if you are honest with yourself, you will definitely succeed.

8. Virat Kohli Quotes

9. I never think of individual milestone, always play for the team.

9. Virat Kohli Quotes

10. Delhi is everything to me, this city has given me everything and I love it.

10. Virat Kohli Quotes

11. I have not come to Australia to make friends have come here to play cricket.

11. Virat Kohli Quotes

12. During my school days, I was doing a play and my costume fell on the stage. I really didn’t want that.

12. Virat Kohli Quotes

13. My life has changed since Anushka Sharma met me and she has played an important role in making me successful.

13. Virat Kohli Quotes

14. I never underestimate any team, but rather I see every match as equal.

14. Virat Kohli Quotes

15. The bat is not a toy, it is a weapon.  It gives me everything in life, which helps me do anything on the field.

15. Virat Kohli Quotes

16. I like being myself, I don’t pretend.

16. Virat Kohli Quotes

17. A fit body gives you confidence, and there is nothing more impressive than a great attitude.

17. Virat Kohli Quotes

18. Whether you have the talent or not, you have to work hard. Just being talented does nothing.

18. Virat Kohli Quotes

19. I want to be stress-free in my personal life. I really don’t like to be disturbed.

19. Virat Kohli Quotes

20. I always like to lead and set an example for whoever is playing with me and around me. I like to take responsibility, that is my natural quality.

20. Virat Kohli Quotes

21. It was indeed a proud moment to wear the jersey of the Indian cricket team. This blue jersey always inspires to play well and also gives responsibility for the country.

21. Virat Kohli Quotes

22. I believe in God. But you will not see me in any temple, I believe in enlightenment. Peace of mind means a lot to me.

22. Virat Kohli Quotes

23. Whatever I am, it is natural. I don’t have to pretend to be aggressive. The opposition does not need to show that I am on the field. Being aggressive is naturally in me and it helps me perform.

23. Virat Kohli Quotes

24. If you want to become a successful person, always make very few friends in your life, this will definitely benefit you.

24. Virat Kohli Quotes

25. I always had a bat in hand for India and dreamed of winning the game, that was my inspiration to play cricket.

25. Virat Kohli Quotes

26. My main focus is always to get the Indian cricket team to perform well on the field. When people say nice things about me from the field, I’m more than happy to accept them.

26. Virat Kohli Quotes

27. When you go out to bat, you have to keep your mind fresh and empty. If you have confused your mind, then it will be a bad day for you.

27. Virat Kohli Quotes

28. I will never do anything on the cricket field that damages cricket.

28. Virat Kohli Quotes

29. Pride is a cheap joke, which now plays itself, take it out, recognize your strengths, work on your weaknesses.

29. Virat Kohli Quotes

30. I like to play under pressure, in fact, if there is no pressure, I am not in the right zone.

30. Virat Kohli Quotes

In today’s era, Virat Kohli is truly the best cricketer and hardly anyone has done what he has achieved in such a short time in his life. We need to learn from the lives of others to make our life successful. Because of this, we can definitely change our life through these precious Quotes by Virat Kohli. Hope you liked these inspirational quotes from Virat Kohli.

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