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10 Best Truck Wala Games Download (2020)



Hello friends, welcome to our blog. If you want to download truck wala games, then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to show you the list of 10 Best truck wala games in this post. In 2020, a lot of people have smartphones. According to the latest survey, about 40 crore people have started using smartphones in India.

Truck Wala Games

This number is set to increase by 2022.  According to this, many people have started doing their work on the smartphone itself.  Like a lot of people handle business in smartphones. Apart from this, many people have now started shopping from smartphones. But in India, everyone, whether children or older, likes to play games on the smartphone. Because of this, many games are also trending now.

And in 2020, Mini Militia, Clash of Clans and Pubg Game is very trending. But now people have turned to truck wala games. A lot of truck games have been launched recently. So once you play, you too will become crazy about those games.

We have made a list of all these truck wala games by doing much research on Google Play Store. After which we have included the download link of all the fantastic games one by one keeping in mind the reviews of these games on Google Play Store. After which you can easily experience these truck games by choosing the best game for you.  Because of this, try all the games and make your decision.

Top 10 Truck Wala Games (2020)

1. Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator)

Euro Truck Evolution game has been installed from Google Play Store more than one crore times. And about 1 million positive reviews have been written. Let me tell you that this is one of the most spectacular truck wala games ever. And if you play this game, you will experience real truck driving.  Because it has amazing features.

In this game, you can ride the truck in all countries from Europe. After that, you can play this game with online multiplayer mode with your friends, which makes the enjoyment of this game double.

2. Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA game also has both multiplayer and career mode options. Apart from this, if you feel like driving a car with 18 wheels right now, download this application immediately. Because after that you will have the experience of driving a real truck with its powerful engine sound and features.

As I mentioned, there is a multiplayer mode, so you can play this game with other people in the US and Canada locations, where you can enjoy big cities.

3. World Truck Driving Simulator

World Truck Driving Simulator

If you want to experience a real truck driving in your life, then immediately install the World Truck Driving Simulator game on your smartphone. Because realistic graphics are going to be seen inside this truck wala game. So, while playing this game, all the scenes are going to look real to you.  Apart from this, Brazil, European and American model trucks will be available in this game.

There will be many spectacular and dangerous missions inside it. You will have to complete those missions. In this way, a lot of people have downloaded the World Truck Driving Simulator thriller game from the Google Play Store so far on their smartphones. There are many more features to come inside this game, such as cleaners, arrows and auto-pilots.

4. Truck Driver Cargo

Truck Driver Cargo

Truck Driver Cargo game has been installed more than one crore times online from Google Play Store. And there is a mixed review of about three lakhs people. If you also want to get a real truck driving experience. If you want to enjoy driving a truck from a fun place, then immediately install this application on your smartphone by clicking the download link given above.

This game is very big, due to which a lot of beautiful graphics are also present inside it.  Apart from driving the truck, it has many more features.

5. Truck Simulator: Offroad

Truck Simulator: Offroad

Truck Simulator game is one of the most dangerous and spectacular and real experience truck wala game ever. There are a lot of dangerous and exciting missions available inside this game, which you have to complete and this makes double the fun of it.

Day and night modes also exist. You have to drive through the jungle and also on the water.  And this is the most spectacular game compared to the three games given above. I can assure you that once you play this game you will become crazy about this game. So immediately download this application now.

6. Euro Truck Driver 2018

Euro Truck Driver 2018

If you want to feel like driving a truck, then Euro Truck Driver 2018 game will help you realize it with its stylish look, real experience, next-generation graphics. Let me tell you that this game has a lot of amazing features. Apart from this, while playing this game, the sound of its engine will also look real.

The biggest thing is that the multiplayer mode is also present in this truck wala game, with which you can enjoy this game with your friends online. World maps such as Desert, snow, mountain and cities are included in it, which will double your fun.

7. Truck Simulator: Europe 2

Truck Simulator: Europe 2

Truck Simulator: Europe 2 from the name of this game you will be known in which city you will get to run the game. Let me tell you that you are going to feel like driving a truck on the way to the beautiful city of Europe.  There are different Trucks inside this game and their look is also different.

So that you will never feel bored after driving a truck. You can play this game easily. Because it has an easy control feature.  And like other games, it also includes day and night mode. In which you can play this game even at night.

8. 3D Truck Driving Simulator – Real Driving Games

3D Truck Driving Simulator - Real Driving Games

3D truck driving simulator game has been installed by more than five lakh people in India so far. And 40000 reviews have been written. You will be surprised to hear this, but let me tell you that like its name, this game is in 3D, which is going to give you a realistic experience.

You can enjoy beautiful snow, rain, night and evening driving within this game. After you download this app, then holding your smartphone horizontally and pressing the play button, you will get a lot of HD Truck options in front of you. Start playing this game by choosing the truck of your choice.

9. US Army Truck Driving Truck Simulator

US Army Truck Driving Truck Simulator

US Army Truck Driving Truck Simulator game is one of the most different truck wala game ever. This is a game similar to Pubg.  Because there is a military mission in it. Meaning when you download this application, you will have to complete all military missions.

Apart from this, there is a more exciting mission in it. And this game sound also looks very realistic. As soon as you play this game, you too will become crazy about this game, because it is an action-packed game.

10. Trash Truck Simulator

Trash Truck Simulator

From mountain to city, you are going to experience driving a real truck. Because the Trash Truck Simulator game is awesome.  So far millions of people in India have installed this game. And has received more than 10,000 positive reviews. It has beautiful graphics.

From the city to the mountain it is so realistic as if you are there yourself. Like other games, it also has a lot of truck variety. The truck you like, you can complete the mission using that truck. There is a lot of mission in it, which you will enjoy completing.


So, friends, this is a tremendous list of 10 best truck wala games. You can install any one of these truck games of your choice in your smartphone by clicking the given download link. But according to me, you should install the first game Euro Truck Evolution (Simulator) on your smartphone.  Because this game has been installed by more than 10 million people worldwide.

People are still enjoying playing this game.  There are a lot of awesome features in this game. And game developers are working to make this game even better. Friends, if you want any more information about it, you can leave your question in the comment box below.

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