Increasing followers on Instagram is not a very difficult task. Because if we follow some rules, we can easily increase a lot of followers on Instagram in a short time. There is already a lot of articles and videos on the internet to increase followers on Instagram. But there is a lot of wrong and misleading information.

How to Increase Free Instagram Followers

For this reason, using Instagram incorrectly, your Instagram account can also be blocked due to invalid activity.
Because of this, you have to work carefully. So because of this, in this article, we are going to answer how to increase free Instagram followers? question with a complete tutorial.


How to Increase Free Instagram Followers – 10 Easy Ways

1. Post on trending topics

According to a statistic, posting on Instagram on trending topics increases your list of followers faster. This is because whenever you post on any trending topic, that post reaches more and more people than on normal days. Due to which the chances of increasing followers on your Instagram are very high. You can get the trending topic through Google trend tool and Twitter.

2. Post Regularly

Repeatedly doing any work makes that work better. Similarly, when you want to increase the followers of your Instagram account, by putting quality content means images or videos over there, Instagram’s algorithm itself will start giving importance to your Instagram account. So that whenever you post every day, because of more engagement in that post, the likes will increase, and similarly followers can also increase.

3. Use hashtags

If you have not heard the name of the hashtag before, we want to tell you that it is a type of keyword, based on the trending topic. As recently the #INDvsAUS hashtag was trending heavily in India, due to which many people increased their account followers by putting their posts above this hashtag. You can also increase the engagement of your account by using the related hashtag in every post.

4. Open an Instagram account from Facebook

The biggest mistake people make when creating an Instagram account is that they do not connect their old Facebook account to Instagram. Because of which they lose the huge possibility of increasing followers. You can create an account on Instagram immediately by going to the signup page of Instagram. This will benefit you tremendously. Because when you create an account on Instagram from Facebook, all your FB friends automatically will know your Instagram account.

5. Keep following people

This trick is what many people use on Twitter. People follow other people every day to immediately increase followers in their accounts. But people are misusing this trick, due to which Twitter and Instagram have now made a rule to send follow requests to only 400 people per day. Previously, we could earn followers instantly by sending follow requests to unlimited people. But this rule of Twitter and Instagram is not bad either. Because if we continue to follow 400 people every day, then about 100 of them will follow us during the day, this will increase the number of followers.

6. Keep an Attractive Profile

According to a statistic it has been found that people who update Instagram profile pictures with good photos are more likely to increase their followers than without a profile picture. Because most people follow only by looking at the photo. If you edit and update your photos professionally with the help of Picsart or a good Photoshop application, then it will be good for you. Also, keep your name and bio stylish.

7. Use Keywords in Bio

Often a lot of people put keywords in the bio of their profile to increase followers on Instagram, but it is also not good for Instagram to enter more keywords, due to which you enter the related keywords of your profile so that people search that keyword in the box, then your profile can be visible to them. You can use such keywords as #SadhguruFan.

8. Use Location Tags

Whenever you post images or videos on your Instagram, at that time there is also the option of location tag, where you can place the location of that image or video. As such the post is related to Ayodhya, you can select the location of Ayodhya, so that all the people living in Ayodhya will see your post more.

9. Focus on Instagram Stories

To increase free followers on Instagram, users have to provide quality, funny, entertainment content, due to which you can increase your followers by using this option in the generation of today’s stories. For example, you can engage users by posting funny photos or videos in Instagram Stories. If users like your content, then they will surely follow you.

10. Post Videos

According to an intelligence report, it has been revealed that video gets a lot more engagement than images on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Because of which it will get more likes, comments, and shares. Because of this, if you also create good videos on your Instagram profile, then you will help to increase followers. Apart from this, you can gain lakhs of followers in a very short time.

Increase Followers on Instagram Through Apps

On the Internet, you will find hundreds of apps that claim to increase followers on your Instagram. But a lot of those apps are a fraud. Due to which your Instagram may get blocked or they can use your Instagram by deceit. Because of which one should always use any app thoughtfully and research.

  1. First of all download the app from the internet.
  2. Open the app and enter your Instagram username and password.
  3. After that, you will see the number of followers inside that app.
  4. Click to increase of 100 followers immediately.
  5. Within a short time, your Instagram followers will start growing.

It would be beneficial for you not to use any apps to increase Instagram followers. Because such apps work illegally, due to which you may face trouble later. Because of this, try all of the above tips to increase followers on Instagram, you will get followers in the right way in a short time.

Apart from this, there are other websites on the Internet, which can increase your Instagram followers illegally. But we will not advise you to use them also.

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