Startup & Small Business WordPress Website Pricing

Take the hassle out of creating your new web site by using our Startup & Small Business WordPress Web Design Services.   All our small business packages include, hosting, a single domain and emails for one year.*   There is no contract and if your not completely satisfied we offer a 10 day guarantee.   For ‘Startup’ websites or aim is 48 hours to site live from receiving your order.*

*Regular cloud hosting and one or .com domain.   Timescales based on receipt of prompt customer information. 

As your business grows you can add more pages, sell products and develop your site further – you can either do this yourself or we can do this for you – contact us for details.

WordPress – Usable, Flexible, Scalable.


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Customer Site Review


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Site Build & Setup



Tweek & Fine Tune

WordPress Web Sites – Ideal for Small Businesses

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All our websites include the following features

Responsive; Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Friendly  |  Professional Stock Images  |  Basic Text Content  |  Setup for SEO  |  Additional Security  |  Weekly Off-site Backups  |  Social Sharing  |  Contact Form  |  Statistics Package  |  Access to Hosting & WordPress

What started out as a site overhaul turned into a new design and site!  Adams input was invaluable in re-organising our site and making it more user friendly.  Additional requests for features were no problem, in addition to hosting advice and email support.

We’re more than happy with the result and would be happy recommending Adam and

Louise Wilson-Green

Marketing Director, Laughlines Ltd.


With more of your customers browsing on the go it’s essential your website is optimised for tablets and smartphones.

Perfect on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile

Order you new WordPress Small Business Website today!

THETOTAL.NET provide you with a hassle free, professionally designed and hosted WordPress website to help you promote your business.


Designed in-house with your input, it’s delivered ready to go with all the latest features to have you up and running as soon as possible.


Backed by proven UK cloud hosting and our WordPress Maintenance & Support package, including software updates, site security and weekly off-site backups; we believe our small business packages deliver the best value for money.


The popular choice; from humble beginnings in 2003 WordPress now accounts for over 60 million websites worldwide; over 25% of all websites are WordPress!

Guarantee, Maintenance & Support

From the moment your site is live we provide a 10 day guarantee to ensure the design and functionality meet your expectations. Beyond this, our Maintenance & Support package keeps all the WordPress files, plugins and extensions up to date.  To further protect your investment we add improvements to site security and carry out weekly off-site backups.
Within the first year Maintenance & Support is included in the price you paid for the site; after the first year, there is a small charge of £18 per month to ensure your site remains secure and up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I get to see and approve the design before the site goes live?
Yes we will send you a grid layout with some of the site elements in place, images, colours etc. for your review before the site is finalised. Once the site is live there will be an opportunity to tweek and fine tune any issues.
What type of hosting do you provide and how many email addresses can I have.

We use UK ‘Cloud’ hosting for all our small business and startup sites; our cloud hosting delivers the resources as needed by your site to achieve high availability.
You hosting package is provided with a fixed amount of storage which includes your website files and email storage, your allocation is usually more than enough needed for small businesses.  If you believe you may have unusually high email usage requirements, please contact us.

How much information can I add to my single page website?

Single page websites are becoming more popular, offering a opportunity to pack all the details about your business into an extended, longer page. The page will contain different sections offering information on your products or services, contact info, offers, images etc etc.  There is no physical limit to how ‘long’ your page can be – as guidance we would suggest that page length be limited by the two following factors.
1) User attention span – don’t make you page too long causing your user to get board an leave your site – you would want the user to do somthing before this happens; ‘call you’ or ‘click a button’ etc. etc.
2) Browser load speed. Google penilises slower loading pages, this will impact your ranking position within Googles search results, too much information or poorly design pages will cause your page to load slowly.

Can I login and change the website myself?

Yes, as soon as the site is live, we’ll provide you with the login details allowing you to update images and content. It’s up to you how much access to want, if your familiar with the WordPress back-end or are wanting to learn how to use WordPress we can give you access to just about anything you need.

If I want to add additional pages or posts in future can I do this myself?
Yes certainly, you will be provided with site logins once your new site is live, you can either add additional pages/posts yourself, or ask us to do this for you. We do charge for adding additional content to sites, but are prices are competitive for all existing customers.
Do I own the site once it's completed and paid for?
Yes, the price you paid includes the website, hosting and our maintenance package for the first year from the date the site went live. You are free to move the site to other hosting – although we’d prefer you to stay put!  If you do decide to move your site, unfortunately we can no longer offer support or provide any type of guarantee.
What costs apply after the first year.

The initial cost of your site includes the design, hosting and maintenance for twelve months from the date the site went live.
After this period, we apply a monthly charge, £18 (paypal) which includes VAT, to cover your hosting, a single or .com domain renewal, and our maintenance & support package for keeping WordPress, plugins and extensions up to date. The price also includes additional site security and weekly off-site backups.
We believe £18 per month represents excellent value for money, and piece of mind.

Do I have to provide all the images and photographs used on my site.

Only if you want to and you have access to good quality images relevant to your products and services.
Alternatively we use professional quality photographs and vector images from ‘’.  If you would like use any ‘specific’ Bigstock images on your site, please make a note of their reference numbers and contact us. Visit




Do you write the text content for my new site for me, or do I have to provide this?

From the information you provide we will write some basic paragraphs and phrases for use on the site – enough to get the site up and running.  We would however recommend all customers to try and add to this as soon as possible.  Google values quality, unique content.

Will my site be recognised by Google and other search engines?

Yes, we build the site with Google and SEO in mind. From the information you provide about your business, we will identify popular search phrases and keywords and include these in your text content and images. If there are any specific phrases you wish us to focus on please let us know before we start designing your site.  Historically WordPress has a good reputation for SEO.

I don't have a logo, can you design one for me to use?

Yes of course, we can provide different alternatives and sizes to suit your website and any social media accounts. There is an additional cost but we are very competitive.

Can you make my site look exactly how I picture it, down to every last detail?

We’ll try and get as close as possible to you ideas; your site will be unique, modern, elegant and professional. To create your Small Business or Startup WordPress website efficiently (and suitable for smart phones) we use a WordPress Framework which is very flexible in its ability to design sites with different elements, objects modules and colours, allowing us to keep our prices competitive.

Do I get a guarantee with my site?

Yes, we offer an extensive guarantee for 10 days from site live, if you’re not happy with the initial site design or layout we’ll resolve any issues.
Our Maintenance and Support Package (included in the first year, £18 per month there after) includes your hosting and domain renewal and ensures your site is up to date, secure and backed up. Please contact us if you have any specific questions about support.

What happens if I decide not to pay for the Maintenance & Support (after the first year)?

Our ‘Maintenance & Support Package’, is included with your website in the first year; in the second year and beyond we charge £18 per month.
Your Maintenance & Support Package includes your hosting charges, domain renewal, regular site software updates, additional security and weekly off-site backups.  Without this monthly charge we have no way of funding the support services needed to host and maintain your site; we believe the monthly charge offers excellent value for money. If monthly payments are not made, you will have 30 days to move your site after which it will be removed from our servers.

What happens next - after I pay?

After payment we will direct you to a web page where you have the option to provide information about your business and your target audience.  If you’d prefer not to complete the form and would like to speak with us directly we will contact you to discuss your new site and the information we need to proceed.



Order you new WordPress Small Business Website today!

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